Fire Door Safety Shop supplies innovative, wireless, fire door safety products, known as Agrippa, to protect buildings and their inhabitants from the threat of fire and smoke.

All of our fire door products are acoustically activated, wire free and battery operated. They use market leading technology to close fire doors in the event of a fire, whilst allowing them to remain open to enable access and ventilation at all other times.

Fire Door Safety Shop products are manufactured by leading engineering company Geofire, whose engineers have designed the most advanced acoustic technology of its kind in the industry.

This acoustically activated technology enables the products to listen and learn the sound of a specific fire alarm, rather than simply a loud noise, providing accuracy and eliminating false activations in busy environments where loud noises are part of everyday life.

As the products are wire-free, they can also be installed with little disruption to the infrastructure of a building.  Full installation guides can be found on the product pages of this website.  The products can all be fitted by those who are competent at DIY, no electrical knowledge is required.

Our products are installed throughout the UK in a variety of buildings including hotels, care homes, hospitals, education establishments and offices.

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