How can I hold open fire doors?
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How can I hold open fire doors?

In a busy building, it is essential to hold open fire doors to ensure accessibility, however if the fire door is not held open correctly, it can have life threatening consequences.

Fire doors must be held open with an approved fire door retainer, compliant with the requirements of BS 7273-4 for standard actuation of fire doors.

As you can probably guess, a wooden wedge isn’t a compliant solution to hold open fire doors in any building. Doing so will in fact endanger the lives of the people in your building. In fact, wedging a fire door open with any heavy object means that in the event of a fire, the door will not automatically close and therefore not prevent the spread of smoke and flames.

So, what are your options? Battery powered fire door retainers provide a quick, hassle-free solution to ensure your building is compliant. They are wire-free and can be fitted in minutes which means minimal disruption to your building. You don’t even need to call a professional electrician which reduces installation costs.

The Agrippa fire door retainer differs from other door holders because of its patented ‘listen and learn’ technology. This means that the retainer records the sound of your building’s specific fire alarm and will only release the door upon hearing this exact sound. Therefore the door will not close upon hearing any other loud noise. Clever right?

The Agrippa fire door retainer also has an LED display which gives you a battery life indication and a low battery warning.

Need to close all of your building’s fire doors at the same time every day? The Agrippa fire door retainer has a daily timed release option to ensure all fire doors will close at any time.

We offer free next day delivery on Agrippa fire door holders and free returns within 30 days. Click here to buy the Agrippa fire door retainer.

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