Agrippa fire door closers ease way at care home
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Agrippa fire door closers ease way at care home

Agrippa fire door closers have played a key role in ensuring fire compliance at Ard Cuan Residential Home in Northern Ireland, eliminating the need to hard wire in a system.

The care home required the fire door closers to be installed to ease access whilst protecting elderly residents in the event of a fire.

Billy McClintock at Ard Cuan said: “Having just installed a new fire alarm system we were informed by our fire engineer that we had to install door closers on every bedroom door. It looked as though we would have to install magnetic closers which would have necessitated additional wiring for each closer. It was then I came across the Agrippa fire door closers, which operate by battery, acoustically and also allow the door to be held open fully or at any point between fully open and closed. They were easy to install and we were able to program them ourselves.”

The Agrippa fire door closer has been particularly successful within the care home industry due to its quick installation. The device can be installed with minimal disruption to the building and its residents so that in the event of an emergency, the spread of smoke and fire is contained rather than spreading throughout the building.

The Agrippa fire door closer and holder are designed and manufactured in the UK by Geofire, based in County Durham.

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