Agrippa door holders improve fire door safety at Science College
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Agrippa door holders improve fire door safety at Science College

Agrippa door holders have been installed onto internal fire doors at a leading specialist Science College in Surrey to improve access for staff and students, reduce the effects of door wear and tear, whilst protecting occupants in the event of a fire.

In high-use environments, such as at Blenheim High School, fire doors can suffer wear and tear from forceful opening and back-checking of the doors, and damage from kicks, bags and equipment such as wheel chairs.

The installation of twenty Agrippa wire-free fire door holders has provided Blenheim School with the perfect solution to this problem ’Like any busy institution, our fire doors are subject to high levels of use, which makes them prone to excessive wear and damage, either accidental or deliberate. The Agrippa holders retain the fire doors tightly against corridor walls, which maximizes the door opening and means they do not release even when students bang into them. The pre-set closing flexibility suits the school day as we can set the doors to automatically close after school hours’.

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