Difference between acoustic and radio controlled fire door products
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Difference between acoustic and radio controlled fire door products

Consumer markets are becoming inundated with wire-free fire door products using the likes of radio and infra-red waves to transmit information.

Wire-free options may not be obviously apparent within the fire industry, even though there are two prominent holder/closer devices on the market using radio and acoustic controls to perform their tasks.

It is important to make informed decisions when considering which technology is more suitable to your building. Read on to discover the differences between the two technologies.

Radio controlled fire door products use two way radio communication to link them to a control unit that is linked to the fire detection system. This has to be done by a quality fire alarm installer.

Because of the fault monitoring capabilities of radio solutions, these devices have built in fail-safe abilities to deal with any communication problem. The controller is directly connected to the fire detection system, meaning they can be used in areas requiring critical actuation (category A) as defined in BS7273-4.

Radio fire safety solutions cover indoor distances typically of 40 metres, but this can be increased with the aid of signal boosters/repeaters. All installations must have a radio survey to guarantee reliable coverage.

As a newcomer to the fire safety industry, acoustic fire door products are an innovative solution in triggering fire response. The devices are covered by UK guidance which outlines best practice in how they should be employed.

Agrippa acoustic door holders and closers use digital filtering technology to identify a fire alarm state by analysing the sound pressure and frequency of the localised alarm system. This reduces the chances of false operation that may be caused by general background noise.

Acoustic holders and closers are set up by sounding the existing alarm system for the device to process the unique acoustic profile of the alarm. The devices listen and learn the sound of the fire alarm making them a much simpler installation solution to their radio partners.

The Agrippa units are supplied as a standalone device and can be installed in accordance with individual requirements with a simple set up procedure, requiring only a test sounding of the local alarm system.

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